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Captives (2018)

Short Film

Producer  Director  Editor  Writer

A Key Dilemma

Short Film

Producer  Cinematographer  Co-writer

Solar (2016)

Short Film Trailer 

The short film about a father and son living their final days on a doomed planet.

Terrestrial (2015)

Short Film Trailer

While at the LDS Motion Picture Studio I could not help but use what little free time I had at home to work on my own projects. 


This short film gave me all sorts of experience with film both on set and in other stages of production. 

In The Dark (2012)

Short Film

At 17 years old I won 1st place in the 2012 Utah High School Film Festival with this film and started on the road towards bigger and better films. 


I also placed in other categories for the same festival that year.


Offense (2018)

Short Film

Producer  Director  Writer  Lead  Editor 

BODIES (2018)

Short Film

Producer  Director  Editor  Writer

Rapture Hour (2016)

Short Film

Producer  Director  Cinematographer  Writer

Beyond the Veil:

Alberta's Story (2015)

Short Film Trailer

Based on a true story. A short film about three generations of women and their experience on the other side.

Shadowed (2013)

Short Film

Before attending college and beginning my 2 years of service for the LDS Motion Picture Studio I had a short film where I began to search for experienced actors. I took most of the crew positions on myself but got lots of experience and help from others.

This film won best Short Film (High School) in the Utah Film Awards.

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